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Designed and Manufactured in North America

Cost Efficient and Quiet Operation:
The GeniJet™ System uses 50% less power than conventional piped systems and provides quieter operation. This results in reduced operating costs and contributes to a pleasant and peaceful experience, particularly in a multi-spa environment.

Easy to Install and Service:
The GeniJet™ System is virtually maintenance free. If service is required, however, we’ve made it easy. The GeniJet™ is removed and installed in only a few minutes - disruption of the pedicure spa is kept at a minimum.

GeniJet Pipe-less System

What makes the GeniJet™ the best spa jet system on the market today?


Many pedicure spas in operation today utilize piped systems which do not drain completely after use. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi as well as a collecting area for soap film, hair, dead skin, body oil, and other unwelcome matter. GeniJet ™ Pipe-less™ technology eliminates this unsanitary condition for the spa client.

New Compact Design
Features a shorter body design for tight fits in new systems and perfect for upgrading older piped pedicure spas where space is minimal.
Efficient and stylish, the GeniJet™ measures only 4” deep.

Locking Cover
The GeniJet™ impeller cover is designed with a new, positive locking system. Safe and secure yet easy to remove for cleaning.  The new covers are available in white or chrome finish.

Adjustable Air
Each GeniJet™ produces two jet streams with adjustable air flow, providing the client with true hydrotherapy. This enhances the spa experience and prevents soft tissue bruising.

The GeniJet™ System is designed with air intakes that pass directly through the motor housing. This feature allows for adjustable aeration of the water, helps to heat the water for additional client comfort and cools the motor, extending the longevity of the GeniJet™ motor.

Designed and Manufactured in North America